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The Complete Guide to Interval Training

 Check out this great article and guide on Interval Training from www.Greatist.com. It explains what it is, the science behind it, and programs that implement it. Highly recommend reading if you have always wondering what the big deal is about interval training. Your Gymboss Timer is the ideal piece of equipment to help you realize your goals while performing interval training as it will allow you to focus on the workout and not on the clock.


Check out the full article by clicking here!


A Healthy Mix of Rest and Motion.

Are you new to interval training, or interested in it and always wanted to know more about it? If so, check out this article by the NY Times which does a great job of explaining the many benefits of performing interval training 1-2 times per week, instead of doing only steady state cardio workouts. Check out the full article below. You can use your Gymboss to time all your interval workouts from walk/runs to biking to everything in between!

Check out the full article here. 

Interval Run with Friends or Loved Ones

Training with others makes a run more fun, more competitive, AND makes you run when you may have found excuses not to. It is also great to run with friends or loved ones, however, when the experience level or pace of the runners is different, it can be frustrating.

The solution just may be interval training, proven to be more effective than steady state to increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, as well as calorie burning, not to mention that interval training will make your run less redundant or boring.

The GYMBOSS Max’s ability to time multiple intervals, will allow you to run intervals with runners of different ability levels. Here is a sample of a 2 minute run interval with a 1 minute walk using the Max:

Set 3 intervals:
01:00 Both people walk this interval.
00:15 Slow runner starts running.
01:45 Faster runner starts running and tries to catch other before end of interval.
Repeat 10 times

Summary, after the 1 minute walk, slower runner will start running and have a 15 second lead and should try to keep this lead through the entire 2 minute training interval. Second runner starts after the 15 second alarm and will attempt to pass the first runner before the interval is completed. Both runners should reach the end of the run interval at the same point where you will begin the 1 minute walk recovery interval. You will spend much of the training session together AND have a competitive as well as productive training session! Adjust the 15 second interval as necessary to keep the finish of each training interval competitive.

Don’t forget the warm-up and cool down.

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